Fly with British Airways for a comfortable journey

The national carrier of United Kingdom, British Airways has been into operation since 90 years. With Waterside as the headquarters of the airline, British Airways has been felicitated with a range of awards such as ‘World’s Best Business Class Airline Lounge’, ‘World Airline Awards’, ‘Best Transatlantic Airline’ and many others. Passengers can fly to more than 400 destinations with British Airways. As a member of One World, the airline also offers as many as 800 destinations, thereby, providing an extensive network of destinations. British Airways is credited to having a fleet of 245 aircrafts.

The airline offers a variety of travel classes to match to suit everyone’s convenience which include First, Business, Economy, and Premium Economy. The World Traveller Plus offers the Premium Economy Service on British Airways with a wide seat, extra leg space and lumbar support. There is also a power supply for electronic devices. Passengers are also facilitated with a comfortable cushion, a blanket and an amenity kit which includes flight socks, toothbrush, eye mask and a toothpaste. The Premium Economy offers a more intimate experience to passengers with bigger features on board in comparison to Economy class.

On-board British Airways, passengers are served with three-course meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner in accordance with the time as well as duration of the flight. In case of flights which operate for a short duration only, the mid-flight snacks are available for the same. The airline brings to you a fine dining experience which includes meals with high-quality ingredients, linen napkins, and fine china crockery. There is also a complimentary bar service as a part of Premium Economy which includes juices, hot drinks, etc. Passengers with special dietary requirements are provided with special meal options as well.

The in-flight entertainment comprises a wide range of TV shows, music, films, audio books, games. etc. for passengers to watch. With noise-reducing headphones and a personal screen, passengers can enjoy a variety of things and relax throughout their flight. Most of the British Airways flights provide on-demand service enabling passengers to choose as per their likes and when they wish to watch it. A journey with one of the best airlines in the world is sure to leave you with special memories.


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