Here’s Why Qatar Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Whenever we think of the Middle East, UAE is the first sight which comes to our mind. From Dubai’s monstrous creations and unthinkable scenes to the glittering skylines of Abu Dhabi; we are often left thinking about the UAE and miss out on the other places which form the Middle East. Qatar for one is slowly emerging from an uninspiring nation to one of the world’s most glamorous States. Here are a few reasons as to why you should visit Qatar for your next Middle Eastern holiday.

  1. Flying redefined

When tourists get excited to fly on an airline before they even reach their destination; that’s when you know the airline is doing something right. That’s Qatar Airways for you. From incredible business class experience to the experience of flying in the carrier’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner, enjoying gourmet meals to having a five-star experience at the airport itself; it’s no wonder that it has consistently been voted as one the world’s best airlines for quite a few years.

  1. Enjoy the charming desert

Well, that headline may seem a bit misleading, how can anyone be charmed by a desert? That’s because not many have visited and enjoyed the deserts like the one in Doha. You will be stunned when you encounter miles and miles of pristine sand. No buildings or vehicles to distract, just you and nature. Makes you feel small against the vastness of the desert, doesn’t it? If silent contemplation isn’t your thing, you can always go dune bashing or hop on a camel, and to top it all, a vehicular desert race.

  1. A spectacular promenade

You can go straight from the Doha desert to the spectacular promenade lining the bay of Doha. The long road by the seaside is the perfect way to end a tiring day. You will find many sights in between the way and some great Instagram worthy movements, especially during the evenings when the Sun reflects off the glass skyscrapers. A cool breeze accompanies you as a take stroll; there is no better way to spend a lazy evening than at the promenade.

  1. Mysterious rock carvings

To the northeast of Doha lies the city of Al Ruwais, an old city famous for the natural sights it offers. One sight which has garnered quite a lot of attention is the Al Jassassiya carvings. A collection of rock carvings about fauna, boats, and various geometric shapes. Over 250 years old, it’s a great place to explore some history.

  1. The Louvre of the Middle East

If you have can visit just one place in Qatar, make sure it’s the Museum of Islamic Art. Designed by noted architect, I.M.Pei, the structure is a gem in itself. It’s labelled as one of the world’s most complete collections. You will enjoy some of Islam’s most gorgeous art pieces, metalwork, ceramics, jewellery, textiles, and woodwork.

With more such stunning sights, Qatar is steadily appearing on many a people’s travel list. If you decide to visit the Middle Eastern nation, make sure you book your flight tickets from Cleartrip where you stand to win some great discounts and other exciting offers.


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