Visiting Oman: Five Sights You Can’t Afford To Miss


Blessed with gorgeous beaches, stunning natural landscapes, and striking monuments, Oman is a legendary old nation with a modern setting. This coastal country is a great adventure to undertake, here’s a glimpse of some of Oman’s top sights for you to savour.

  1. Bahla Fort:

Bahla Fort is one of the oldest and largest forts in all of Oman, and the only one to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The fort was built around 3000BC when Bahla was a prosperous trading region. Inside the fort, you will catch glimpses of where the traditional souks were located, how the homes were designed, and other glimpses of the impressive Omani architecture. It’s a great site to experience Omani culture.




  1. Muttrah Souk:

This happens to be one of the oldest markets in the Arab world thanks to Oman’s rich history of trade. The souq is filled with stores selling wares ranging from spices and rugs to silver and incense. You will see narrow winding alleys which are a reminder of old markets. It’s also known as ‘The Market of Darkness’ because the number of shops lining up the narrow alleyways blocks the sun. Expect to do a lot haggling with the store owners here.


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