Just the flight you want to travel in!

Travelling helps us to open our mind to new things as we get to experience life in exciting different ways. You can see the world and its different cultures and “take a break” from your regular routine life. People share different views and purposes to travel. Some might travel for relaxation purposes while the others for work or business purpose. One of the most convenient means for travelling is the use of flights. With the advancement in science and technology today you no longer need to “travel” for booking or buying the Airplane tickets.


For connecting to several destinations across the Middle East, Cleartrip.com offers you to travel with the Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways which is a flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates. It is a premium airline brand which has been chosen as the “World’s leading Airline” in 2009 -2011.

It provides passenger and cargo services to Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Tehran, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and many of such Middle-East destinations. Thus, Etihad aviation company commenced in the year 2003, it has now come a long way and is the fastest growing airline in history.

Etihad airways online booking, helps you to get your flight tickets with ease. The Etihad PNR status also helps to ascertain whether your air ticket is confirmed or still on waiting list.  Online flight booking today also helps you to know the Etihad Airline Status and thus provides relevant information at your fingertips. You can freely browse over their web sites pages to know more about the discounts, flights, ground services and more.

The flight is modern and in great condition. The seats are spacious and with plenty of legroom- in all classes not just the big shot upper classes. You’ll will have a comfortable journey with Etihad, whether you choose to take a nap or watch a movie

For all classes, there is food on demand that meaning you can have your meal whenever you want it. Same goes for drinks, they’re free, unlimited and on demand.

Online booking of flights provides with fabulous offers and it is the fastest way to book your flight.



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